Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mama Zharfan 1st GA : ole2 from UK

" Mama Zharfan 1st GA : ole2 from UK "
by Suzie @ Mama Zharfan

Contest periods : 13th July - 27th July (2 weeks)
    Contest mechanism : lucky draw & slogan  
    2 winners - lucky draw and sweetest slogan 
    Prizes : ole2 from UK... one bath towel and one lady t-shirt size S or L


      SWEET slogan
      "I follow Miles of Smile kerana /because (can be in English or BM)..."
      (not more than 30 words)

      "... Suzie my idola in joining contest. Auranya, semangatnya, kerajinannya dan usahanya yang ditonjolkan menjadi pendorong kepada blogger like me... Besides, she also very loving mother, wife, sister & daughter. "



       Gizillion Thanks suziey 
      Keep sharing & all the best
      Semoga Suziey sekeluarga sihat & dimurahkan rezeki selalu!!



      mama zharfan said...

      orait dear!! tq for the sweet slogan ;) good luck!!

      Momma Mia said...

      @ Mama zharfan - thanks suzie dtg lawat kawasan

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