Sunday, July 25, 2010

Heart Eco's 1st Anniversary & 2nd Giveaway!

Heart Eco's 1st Anniversary & 2nd Giveaway!
there will be 2 categories:-
1st category would be themed 'Rainbow Peace',  
2nd category would be themed 'Teddy Loves',

due 31 Jul 2010

i  want to join Jesslyn, a high school student who passion and enjoys art & crafts and at same time together-gether to support create more awareness among public about global warming . Do  you know that instead of buying new stuff to produce Eco product she use what ever she have, repurpose them either recycle or not and create less rubbish. 

She do cards, key chains, notebooks, Pouches, bookmarks and other stuff... she can be contacted at

Keep up your spirit & passion in what ever you do. 
Lets together make up this world so special & meaningful 
spread the one world love
live to love the world

 Keep encouraging people to reduce, reuse and recycle.


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