Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mummy's Review Giveaway #10: Pupsik Studio Baby Pouch Carrier

i'm so into with baby wearing 
thus love to join this GA, due 5th july.
 ONE (1) lucky winner will win a Pupsik Baby Pouch Carrier worth S$45.90 each.

Please pick me... plsssss...
i wish to have this 

 and can posing like her with my lil Dzakirah

to join CLICK HERE 


kakyong said...

yaaa.. ade nampak GA ni dalam Mummy's review... sbb Aliya dah besor.. tu yg malas nak join.. tak berhajat... :p

kakyong said...

btw, gud luck

Momma Mia said...

ooo gitu ker. Ala kak yong slalu bertuah. kalo kak yong dpt bg kat kami laa... heheh special price la

MieVee @ MummysReviews.com said...

Thank you for sharing this Giveaway. Good luck and have a splendid weekend. :)

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