Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Love U Contest

Contest : I Love U Contest
Dateline:  until 15th July 2010
Prizes:    Berbaloi-baloi.. macam-macam adooo...
Organise by :
2 simple questions :
  • Name one of the photography package by Little Kids Photography ===> HAPPY MOMENTS package inclusive of 5 option - new arrival, Aqiqah, Birthday, Family and Friendship
  • Name one of the item on sale atLittle Mama’s LOVE ===> Little Kids Apron (my fav) 
short opinion “What’s interesting about Little Kids Photography and Little Mama’s LOVE?”
Little Kids Photography is interesting because... there is lots of interesting package not only for kids but for mom & dad to be. The masterpiece capture creating a wonderful + lovely + magic moments & become an artistic potraits... I wish i could have any one of the package. Also lots of informative regarding technique photography is sharing with open heart... Again, I wish one day i can "berguru" with a lovely Little Mama...
Little Mama's LOVE is interesting because... its offer unique + creative + lovely girls clothes for both babies and children at affordable prices. Most of all the items are handmade with lots of LOVES!!! That's what i will love to give to my lovely and adorable daughters... Beside, it also shows high quality and trendy product in each of Little Mama's LOVE creation and would also offer great customer services.
Optionals : 
1.   OPTIONAL – Follow Little Mama’s LOVE Baby Boutique with Google Friends Connect [Done] 
2.   OPTIONALCreate an account/register with Little Mama’s LOVE [Done] 
3.   OPTIONAL – Join Little Mama’s LOVE Mailing List (simple, enter email only – see Mailing List box on left sidebar) [Done] 
4.   OPTIONAL – Follow Little Kids Photography with Google Friends Connect [Done]
5.   OPTIONAL – Like Little Kids Photography on Facebook [Done]
6.   OPTIONAL – Follow Malaysia Online Shopping Guide with Google Friends Connect [Done] 
8.   OPTIONAL – Follow Little Mama’s Diary with Google Friends Connect [Done] 
9.   OPTIONAL – Follow Mom Bloggers Planet with Google Friends Connect [Done]

GOOGLE FRIEND ID : azlin.mohdatan@gmail.com
FACEBOOK ID : Azlin Mohd Atan 
FIRST NAME or EMAIL in the entry if you register with Little Mama’s LOVE : azlin or azlin.mohdatan@gmail.com


Little Mama said...

congrats' u're satu burung yg terbang awal *early birdie.. hadiah kena tunggu i made with love dulu lah...give me 2 weeks orait ;)

Momma Mia said...

Thanks Little Mama. i'm touch ler with ur "made with love" spirit & courage... May success will always be with you!

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